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Why do we do this? We believe in doing our best to take care of the body, making sure the products are as safe as possible while still good for both the body and the environment. Our main focus, though, is in empowerment! Taking care of the mind and the spirit! People all over, especially women, are mistreated in many ways, even still in 2016. As advanced as technology has become, we are still working hard to advance human kind into the values and morals that God has set forth for us. So we partnered with The Mordecai Project (www.themordecaiproject.com) to help further the construction and maintenance of homes which care for women and children who have been mistreated and abandoned all over the world. The Mordecai Project also travels all over the world, preaching a message of love and truth, braking “Machismo” in countries that believe that men can abuse women, freeing those who are bound by these mindsets and teaching people to love as Jesus Christ loves us.


What do we do? Our products here empower women against the verbal and emotional abuse, encouraging them to feel good about who they are and what they look like (and not what the media tells them to look like)! With that, portions of our sales go to The Mordecai Project, not only increasing awareness but also helping them financially, allowing them to go further in doing what they do.


TóK Cosmetics is young and pioneering natural cosmetics company based in the state of Florida, US. TóK formulas are developed by a team of chemists and experts, who together combine over 50 years of expertise in the vast cosmetics field within the United States and abroad. All of our products are manufactured in the US in a FDA inspected and approved facility, and all of our development, manufacturing and distribution is overseen by TóK as we want to ensure that throughout all the steps of the process, we have the high quality and standards that TóK desires our clients to experience.

On a more technical note, we keep a close relationship with our raw material suppliers to ensure that only the highest quality raw materials are part of our cosmetics. Each lot of our raw materials are meticulously inspected and analyzed to guaranteed they are within their respective parameters.

TóK is committed to providing our customers with top-of-the-line naturals cosmetics products that are safe to all ages and races, all of this at a accessible price.

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